Technical Services

Leisure Green Care can save you time and money by utilising four main analysis tools:

Water Analysis
Used to test for Salinity, pH and Iron levels to ensure suitability for irrigation purposes.

Water comes from many sources such as dams, creeks and water tanks, and greatly affects your greens, turf, fairways and tees. Knowing the components of your water supply, allows you to make informed decisions regarding turf grass management strategies.

Soil Analysis
Taken within the growing medium, to test the pH, calcium and trace elements.

A soil analysis presents an Actual Saturation and an Ideal Saturation which provide a benchmark to create the most effective nutrient program, allowing the turf grass to achieve its optimum level.

Soil Particle Analysis
Used to measure the percentages of silt, sand, particle sizes and pore spaces to ensure that it is suitable as a turf or grass growing medium.

A particle analysis should always be considered when re-using growing medium onsite where it has been excavated or stockpiled for later use. Time and money can be saved by making amendments to the soil prior to re-establishment thus avoiding the expense of importing unnecessary materials.

Disease and Leaf Tissue Testing
Sports Turf and Prestige Lawns require a high level of maintenance and are strongly affected by climatic conditions. A disease and tissue test can help troubleshoot any problems you may be having with your lawn, and assist in accurately finding a solution.

Our technical services team can help you diagnose any deficiencies or imbalances that can affect turf grass growth.